The Best Places to Visit in Penang, Your Pearl of the Orient

Penang is arguably one of the most popular tourist destinations in Malaysia, as it hosts many historical and modern attractions. Apart from this, Penang has some of the most delicious food around, featuring Chinese and Malay and Indian delicacies of the highest quality.


The state of Penang itself is divided into two parts, the island and the mainland. Most of the attractions are located in and around Georgetown on the island. Georgetown is also very rich in heritage buildings, many of them from the Colonial era. Here are some must visit destinations in Penang:


Kek Lok Si Temple

Built more than a hundred years ago into the hills of Ayer Itam, this temple complex boasts a gargantuan statue of Kuan Yin or the Goddess of Mercy. It also features a tall pagoda with architecture influenced by Chinese, Burmese and Thai elements.


Penang Hill

Enjoy the cool air on this elevated hill overlooking Georgetown where you’ll be able to enjoy a sweeping view of the island over tea and scones. To arrive at the summit, you can ride in one of the modern funicular trains that will provide interesting views of the local flora and fauna along the way.


The Clan Jetties

Located on Lebuh Chulia, these clan jetties date from the 1800s and belong to various families including the Chew, Lim, Tan and Yeoh families. Today they’ve turned their family jetties into tourist attractions complete with souvenir shops and restaurants. More importantly, you get to see the unique way these families built their houses over the sea water and how they live today.



Fort Cornwallis

Built in 1786, this star shaped fort is one of the largest still standing historical forts in the country. It was built during the time Penang was first founded by Francis Light, as a defense against pirates and Kedah forces.


Street Art


A walk around the old streets in Georgetown will reveal several works of art by International street artist Ernest Zacharevic, including the iconic image of two children on a bicycle. These paintings are located on Lebuh Leith, Muntri Street, weld Quay, Armenian Street and more.


Khoo Kongsi

The Khoo Kongsi is a famous can house belonging to the Khoo clan and is famous as it features rare and intricate carvings from the 19th century.  The main building , the Dragon Mountain hall, has some of the best Chinese workmanship from that age, and will be a hit with history buffs.


There are plenty of Penang hotels that are comfortable and clean, yet very affordable and you’ll definitely find one to suit your budget. So, why not start planning your Penang holiday today?





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