Modern music was introduced into Morocco in the 1920s. This time coincided with the coming of a large number of artists from the East in order to present their artistic products and their country.

However, the arrival of these artists, among whom some preferred to settle down definitively in the Kingdom, had a considerable influence on artists and the Art of the country.

Therefore, most of the musical compositions contained the artistic contribution of these artists such as: Mohammed Almasri, Attaher almassi, Morsi Chawa and Madam Nadira.

This latter used to visit the house of Al Fakih Labrini, one of the precursors of the Andalusian music in Morocco.

In addition to these artists there is Amine Hassannie who spent some years with the famous Moroccan musician Abedelwahab Agoumi as well as Abdelmoutaleb, Elya Bayda, Badia Massabni and Edmond Khayat.

Later, Moroccan artists took the initiative and created their own musical style. Among these artists we mention: Bouchaïb Ouled Lamouden, Kacem Alami, Hamada Berrada, Al Hassan and Houssein, Athami Ben Omar, Al Houssesin Ben Al Makki, Ahmed Benani, Ahmed Perrou, Ben Abdellah, khayati Al Ghali Al, Abass Al Khayati, Ahmed Al Bidaoui, Abdelwahab Agoumi and Idriss Al Kaytouni.

During this crucial period, Radio Maroc participated energetically in the evolution that modern music knew during the period which followed independence. The organization of artistic evenings at all weekends became a tradition. This tradition brought about a competition between popular artistic groups (Andalusian music and Malhoune) and encouraged some artists who were inspired by oriental and modern music to create music troupes and participate in the artistic evenings of Radio Maroc.

Malhoun, an old tradition in Morocco in addition to Andalusian music which was imported by the Moorish of Spain more than five centuries ago took root in Morocco.

Several professional troupes specialized in this kind of music and festivals devoted to Malhoun and Andalusian music take place everywhere in Morocco.

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