A Holiday in Paradise: The Best Time to Hit Malaysia’s Best Beaches


It is a well-known fact that Asia’s beaches would rival the rest of the world’s in terms of beauty. The continent boasts a wide array of choices with the Philippines’ Boracay, Thailand’s Patong, and Vietnam’s Nha Trang. But it is important not to forget another beach haven, Malaysia.

Malaysia’s beaches are also sought after by tourists and often part of every backpacker’s itinerary. With the perfect balance of nature’s beauty and the people’s warm hospitality, it is not a surprise that resorts in Malaysia are always packed with people wanting to bask in the warm rays of the sun on the beaches. But when is the perfect time to hit the country’s beaches? Here are some points to help you in what will be the best holiday of your life.saimage

East Coast Malaysia

Malaysia’s beaches are numerous, so they are referred to as west or east coast beaches, depending on where they are located. Some of the country’s east coast standouts are Kuantan, Perhentian, and of course, Redang. The beaches of Kuantan are famous for its gorgeous scenery, while scuba divers and snorkelers mostly visit the Perhentian Islands. Redang, probably the most known among the beaches of east coast Peninsular Malaysia, is inhabited by only a handful, so it gives you the much-needed privacy as you relax on its Turtle Beach. Set aside the monsoon months of November to February, the east coast is ready to receive you for the rest of the year.1869v111227

West Coast Malaysia

The west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, on the other hand, is hot all year long. Even with the rainy months of September and October, the west coast still won’t disappoint you from enjoying a holiday. And because the coast is popular because of the year-long availability, travelers from across the globe take their holidays there. The Langkawi beach is loved by most because of its white sand beach and amazing coastline, while Pangkor is usually packed with people wanting a quick getaway as it is just a short drive from Kuala Lumpur. The Coast also has one of the best diving spots of the world in Sipadan, seemingly an underwater museum in its features, also an environmental reserve.

Overall, Malaysia is ready to receive its guest all year long. With some options to choose from, the beaches and resorts in Malaysia will surely give you a unique experience that you will find nowhere else. So what are you waiting for? Book a flight to Malaysia and catch a glimpse of a true summer paradise.

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